Grrrr growl grr…roar! Asa’s a charming little 11 month lion cub… as far as we can tell

Grrr. Roar! Growl growl growl.

Nearly every happening of the day, you can hear Asa talking about his wonder of the event… in growls of course. He is scooting around the house, and zombie crawling a bit, and getting into every little thing he can find (such as the little bite he took out of a spongy kids football just this week). Asa continues to become more expressing. He can sign for milk and for when he is all done with eating. Or sometimes if I leave him in the middle of the living room floor to work on a chore or something, he will will sign “all done!” and reach his hands out for me.

Asa has learned much of our family culture. If I sit him in his chair for breakfast, and he looks in the living room and he sees Elle Joy climbing into grandpa’s lap to split a candy bar (a.k.a. a cliff bar), Asa absolutely insists that he must join them. And Asa, of course, loves his sister more and more. Many times they are together, I hear peals of laughter from both brother and sister, although as Asa is learning to move around more and take more things, their relationship is definitely changing.

For this 11-month shoot from a few weeks ago, we could barely keep Asa’s sticker on. He is so very good at using his fingers, eating, picking things up, and of course tearing. A recent trend is for Asa to not let anyone but Elle place food in his mouth; he must put it in his fingers first and then taste it for himself.

Asa continues to love to sleep. So much so, that he won’t even let us rock him beforehand. He just gets bundled up in his sleep sack, lets us plant kisses on his forehead and cheeks, and then sighs as he falls into bed and sucks on his pointer and second finger, drifting off to dreamland to the sound of his ocean (app).

In one week… my littlest peanut will turn one. I can honestly barely believe how fast this year has flown. One of the mothers I met this year (she is a mother of 9) said in passing that each child has changed her life in a different way. Those words have really stuck with me; I knew I would change a lot when I became a mother with Elleanna, and she has made me such a better me. In turn, Asa has brought out another side of me I didn’t know was there. I’m not quite sure how to explain it all yet, but I do know that our family really needed Asa (especially timing wise… we were going to wait at least another year before having a baby… Matt keeps joking that Asa came really early). So, stay tuned for a report of Asa’s first birthday party as we celebrate yet another milestone achieved.


Asa Everett Robert: Life’s a 9-10 month blur when you’re a family of four

Well, somehow… I haven’t blogged since January! It was hard to even squeeze in Asa’s photoshoots for months 9 and 10 (both were at least a week late). We all want to be there for the photoshoot, and we have to catch him at the right moment where he doesn’t need to eat, go to sleep or have his face wiped. Oh, and that he has very recently had a bath. (Pretty much anytime he has a bath, within 20 minutes he needs a new one). Ah, raising babies. Ah, raising a boy.

February found Asa loving to growl – in happiness, in consternation, and just in general growliness. He wants you to pick him up? His arms extend high over his head and he growls. He also continued this super cute little dance where I sing this silly little made-up ditty that goes “Just a little bit…just a little bit…” over and over again, and he shakes his head and shoulders back and forth and smiles.

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 6.51.17 AM

Over President’s Day weekend and my 30th birthday, Matt hosted a big party for my big 3-0. Asa slept though most of it…but Elle and a whole bunch of other kids ran around the house while my friend Derek of Atlas Catering created a huge feast for everyone and we even played some games (essentially because there were a few babysitters there). It was such a blast and I will remember that party for a long time :). The next day we packed up and headed to Estes Park for a weekend retreat with our Live One Life discipleship group. Elle stayed home to play with her grandparents, and we took the baby on his first solo adventure. We did miss Elle, but it was nice for both of us to connect with just Asa. He did so very well. He took great naps and slept fairly well at night, so I can’t complain.

Asa continues to love music! If he is in the main sanctuary at church (which often happens… he always wants to be carried around…) he will often join in loud syllables and vowels during the closing songs. He also makes a great “ooo ooo ooo” monkey sound. Asa also loves to drum on anything and everything. He is curiously exploring his world with much noise and musical rejoicing. He also continues to increase his acrobatic skills in the Jenny Jump Up by flinging himself across the doorway and into the kitchen area, spinning and laughing and jumping.

But most of all, Asa loves it when we are all there with him. He is most certainly a family man. He and his sister giggle. He leans in to hug her as often as she will allow and Elle will often exclaim “Asa really loves me. I’m Asa’s favorite!” Her little care taking instinct comes out for him all of the time. Just last night she wanted to give Asa his night time bottle. So Matt laid Asa on the floor, and she came over to help Asa drink it while singing him “Twinkle Twinkle little Star.” Elle is ever eager to help with Asa, and even picked out his outfit for his 10-month photo shoot.

Asa is somewhat on the move. He really isn’t too interested in crawling. He will scoot on his bum around in circles and across the room a bit towards something he is interested in. He would far prefer to be carried, or to have us help him walk with our arms with a huge grin on his face. This is a new experience for me; I was ready to have a crawling baby by now! So we will see what develops. He’s still in a good window range of development, and perhaps he will just go straight to walking. We keep trying to encourage him to crawl with tummy time, etc. He has also been known to walk all the way in his walker to the park down the block. Asa also now has four teeth! The upper ones he started cutting (of course) on our spring break vacation to visit family in Battle Ground, WA.

Asa took his first plane ride when we went to Battle Ground, WA! He explored for the first third, cried for the second third, and finally crashed out on my chest for the last third… both there and back again. We had a great time visiting my cousins Kacy and RJ. They were awesome tour guides; we went to Portland for food trucks, to Seaside, OR for a very cold beach day and of course to Multnomah Falls. Elle and Noe, their youngest, hit it off right away. Elle still talks about going back to visit. She wills say “hey, we should take this necklace with us when we go and visit Kacy and RJ” or “I think they would like these cookies” (Elle is my little gift giver).

Ten months finds us keeping up with our big, growing boy. He loves to read books. He loves to eat whatever everyone else is eating (all of the time). We are slowly weaning off of nursing, as he will often refuse me. This has been a little harder than I thought to let go of; we worked so hard to get our nursing relationship! But in a lot of ways I am ready too. I have done some crazy things this semester to keep up my supply; I pump during class discussions and I pump in the car. I even lugged that pump to WA because Asa will only nurse in a quiet room with no disturbances (and even then not every time), and that is nearly impossible to achieve on vacation!

We are ready for summer and sunshine… and we almost have a big boy on our hands. Sigh.

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Singing Our Hearts Out: Asa Made Us Sing All the Way to 8-Months

We took a short family vacation to the western slope of Colorado to visit family over New Year’s weekend. Maybe it was the hustle and bustle of travel, or maybe it was all of the new faces… but I had a very hard time getting Asa to nurse for the time we were away from home. I was sitting on my best friend Vicki’s bed, trying to get him to nurse once again, and she was helping me trouble shoot. And then, out of desperation, I just started singing. Asa’s eyes locked on mine and I heard him begin to knock back the good stuff.

I shouldn’t be surprised. Anywhere music is, Asa lights up and pays rapt attention. And he often likes someone to rock with him and sing a bit before bed. He loves these little castanet seashell baby music toys we have, and he loves to jump in the jumper to the (pretty annoying) music built into the device.

This month, Asa also became more enamored with the baby in the mirror. He smiles and chats at that baby any time he can catch a glimpse of him, and even gives him kisses. He also loves to drink water from a glass, and he often offers up a chuckle for such moments. As he is rolling around on the floor, any glass-shaped object he finds, he tries to bring to his mouth and drink from it. Also found while rolling around on the floor nearly everyday: lint balls. Where all of these lint balls come from, I have no idea. I think the lint balls know how much he loves them, and they smell him as he rolls into a room, and then jump into his mouth. I have found Asa chewing on lint nearly every day this past week. And watch out for your shoes! Nana put out a pair of crocs (that she had only worn once inside somewhere and then washed for him) to chew on. But no, he bypasses them nearly every time and heads straight for the stinky ooey-gooey shoe offerings scattered around the living room. Sigh.

The first week of January, Asa moved from supported sitting to sitting all on his own. Here he is, surveying his jungle, waiting to make his next move. Asa also loves to chew on the rubber orange giraffe with the perfect ears for munching pictured below. That toy was also one of daddy’s favorites as a baby!


And can we mention big sister? We took the kids to the big camper van show (a.k.a. an RV and camper show) in Denver at the big convention center the first weekend of January. Elleanna and Asa laughed and loved exploring all of the different RVs. As we were walking back to our car, Nana was holding Asa and Elleanna was ahead of us all with Grandpa. A daddy and his daughter (strangers) walked by and Asa got very excited. It took us awhile to figure out that he thought the little girl with Elle; this other little girls was a bit bigger than Elle, but was totally decked out in 50 different shades of pink (just like Elle often is). Asa absolutely adores that big sister. Just last night, we had Asa in the jenny jump up (yes… it is pink… the consequences of having a girl first). He was tap dancing and squealing and spinning and he stayed in there for at least a half hour as Elle brought him toys and talked to him and showed him the world. Asa also loves to sit with the big kids any chance he can get, tucked into his high chair at the kitchen counter while they all sit on stools surrounding him. And just today, Nana was brave enough to take the older boy cousins, Elle AND Asa to the neighborhood park. As she placed him in the double stroller, I heard them all come around him and excitedly say “Asa’s here!” as Asa grinned and grinned.

Asa is laughing in anticipation of tickles and surprises these days, although he isn’t all about the smiles right now. Asa is currently cutting his first two teeth, so we are getting ready to wave farewell to that cute toothless grin.The pictures below were taken as daddy was trying to help Asa smile via burp jokes. It was hard to find a time to take these eight month photos, as Asa has been pretty fussy the past few days. However, I keep telling him that he needs teeth to eat steak someday, so he just needs to hang in there. Meanwhile, we will keep rocking and singing and jumping and dancing and making silly faces to try and help him keep the mind off of those mean teeth!



Ho Ho Ho: Asa Belly Laughs to Seven Months of Sweetness


Asa Everett Robert is seven. months. old. I can barely believe that time is flying this fast. Asa is rolling around the entire house, always looking for something to chew on and continuing to chat very loudly to his toys. And the best find ever? Magazines. To crumple and spit on and roll on and… oh… then mommy takes it away… every time. I’m sure Asa keeps plotting how he can finally get those magazines all to himself with no one watching, and also take over the world.

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December happenings were stamped out a bit by all four of us trading colds. Oh and all of Asa’s cousins (and his auntie) had colds. But we still managed to get in a lot of family time and holiday cheer. I’ve been off from school and teaching for the past two weeks, so the kids and I have mainly been hanging at home, trying to catch up on housework and playing together. I have to say, I was so nervous about having two kids… but the rhythm we have found and the joy both Elle Bell and Asa bring to me create grace for me in this season of having little kids. Although some nights, when the kids both get up at different staggered times through the night definitely, push the limits of that grace…

A few other December happenings Asa has enjoyed:

  • Smiling as his big sister played Mary in her preschool Christmas play
  • Finally achieving the feat of getting Cherrios into his mouth by his own amazing skills!
  • Unwrapping presents with people, especially the ribbons and bows that are shiny and fun to play with and chew on
  • Laughing when we tickle his tummy
  • Increasing his appetite and getting to try lots of new foods

We spent Christmas day at home, making crafts and pancakes and coffee and watching movies and talking about the Christmas story. Leading up to the day, we celebrated on many occasions with family and friends. We also spent several nights driving around Longmont to find the best Christmas lights that we could. Elleanna’s exuberance for Christmas lights was quite catching. I really am enjoying Christmas with my kids, and sharing the joy of the season with them.

Asa surrenders to the Lego Siren Call: 6 months old already!

Okay. So that one time, my second child turned 6-months old… about 17 days ago… yikes. But I sure do have a ton of pictures and memories to share of my sweet boy!

Just today, I was overwhelmed by how he smiles for me. His Nana had him for an hour or so while I was working on some cleaning, and when I came downstairs, he welcomed me like I hadn’t seen him in weeks. Heart = MELTED!

Asa has become quite vocal over the past few weeks, and he will let you know right away when you leave the room (he always notices). He is now wiggling across any room you lay him down in, including burrito rolling feats of wonder from one side of the living room to the other. He is trying to sit up, but so far he needs the support of our knees or arms to do so. And he loves to walk with us supporting him! Asa also spins around in circles, squawking at the toy he is holding (usually rather loudly).

Speaking of toys… Legos are already clearly a favorite (the big toddler ones, of course)! He likes to find one and hold it close and burrito roll it from one point of the room to another point of the room, chewing on it as he goes, and of course talking to it. And if he happens to hear the legos clink together while he is nursing… forget milk. And don’t take a lego from that boy! He instantly screams. Like real, big tears screams.

Asa’s first crush? His puppies. He often giggles when he sees his white and brown dogs, especially if they land a lick on his hands (or…er…once and awhile on the face…just being real here). Asa is also expanding his palette, and sitting in his little high chair very well. He expects a few Cherrios to play with (and of course pitch a few to the dogs) right when he sits down (he rubs his hands all over the tray and intentionally stares at the blankness until he finds his treasures). He is doing great with all sorts of foods, and usually eats continually from 4 p.m. until bedtime. At which point in time he totally crashes at 7:45 or 8 p.m. And I am happy to report that he is finally putting himself to sleep in his bed most nights! And then sleeping most of the night.

One of the best parts about right now? Elleanna LOVES to make Asa laugh. And often. And the two of the laughing is one of the sweetest sounds I have ever heard. Sigh.

Asa also thoroughly enjoyed his first Thanksgiving and a trip to visit great grandma in the mountains! He is already a much better traveler, and slept most of the way there and back. Whew. I am so thankful to be coming out of the newborn days. There’s challenges with each phase of kids (at least as far as I have experienced), but right now is such a sweet time with both of my kiddos. I’m trying not to blink too much, and to store up their sweetnesses in my heart.



Asa’s smiley, roly-poly 5-month anniversary!

We seriously can’t get enough of our smiley boy! This month he has started vocalizing a lot more by talking to his toys and to us. A lot of mornings I wake up to him in his bed singing out baby scales from low to high.

The week before month five brought Asa’s first cold… lots of sneezing snots, sleepless nights and extra nursing later… he finally got better. He really did keep smiling pretty much all the way through though.

Asa loves to wiggle around nearly 24/7… but don’t put him down for very long! He enjoys family trips to the grocery store in his carrier where he can watch and be-bopp around. I’ve also gotten very good at doing nearly everything one-handed style. And Asa has finally figured out how to roll back and forth…sometimes. We often have to swoop in and rescue him. He also squeals for books and loves to tap the pages!

Asa and Elleanna’s friendship continues to develop. When we hear him over the monitor waking up from his naps, Elle will often go up there and talk to him so sweetly (she has started saying “Hi baby!” in a very high pitched voice, just like the rest of us do). She brings him toys and loves to help us give him baths. And he lights up very brightly when sister is around. It reminds me of when Asa was in the womb, and nearly every time Elle would walk by my pregnant belly and say something, he would kick. I hope they continue a great friendship.


After at least a month of staring us down when we eat, we decided to introduce Asa’s first food: avocado! He has taken to eating like a champ, and knew pretty much from bit one what to do (sister was the same way, and I’ve heard from friends with babies that this isn’t always the case). Mema and papa were there for that first bite, just like when Elle took her first bite. I’m so glad our family is around to help with such traditions!

Most of all, Asa Everett Robert, you bring buckets of happiness and joy to our lives. We love how you welcome people into your life, and how you fiercely always want to be with your tribe. Now excuse me while I go shed a few tears and pull out his 6-9 month clothes because he is growing too long for his 3-6 month pjs and pants.


Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’: Four months of wiggly goodness

Oh that little boy is so cute!


Asa Everett Robert discovered rolling this month, especially from his back to his front, but also from his tummy to his back. Also from month three to month four, he gained a lot more control of what his hands do (and subsequently has stopped hitting himself in the face so much). He reaches for objects and achieves his goals at least half of the time. He also continues to want to be held nearly all of the time… and there are enough people around to oblige him in these desires.

Asa continues to fill our home with joy. He laughs when daddy tickles him with his beard. Also, a friend gave us this amazing full-body coverage broncos fleece just in time for football season. Asa sported the outfit at the Farmer’s Market this past weekend, and people couldn’t get enough of his orange-ness and his smile.


Big sister has really gotten into playing more with Asa and entertaining him. Nearly everyday she tells Asa it is his birthday and she brings him pieces of her play food to grab. She also reads to him. And oh how he lights up for her. There’s definitely some hard moments, like when Elleanna wants me to hold her instead of nurse brother, but we are doing our best to teach her how to share and feel loved and accept brother into our family.

This past month has been a hard one for us, as we are still facing job change struggles and upheaval with nearly every area of our lives. I hope to look back on this time with trust in God and hope for the future. Exhausting nights with not very much sleep (as both kids often wake up) can lead to some pretty grumpy days for me, but I also catch glimpses of goodness along the way. Like yesterday, when Elle came home from Sunday school and learned about Moses and the bush that was on-fire and how “God is always with us.” We all needed that simple reminder. And I am attempting to focus on the love and moments of joy my kids bless me with instead of the heartache and mountains we are looking at right now.