Giggles and physical feats of wonder: Elleanna turns four months!

Okay… so Elleanna actually turned four months about 10 days ago, but the pictures below were taken on Sept. 30, so this counts as her four month blog post! And she has done some pretty cute things since she turned four months old, so I will add those in as well. This is her four months + 10 days commemorative blog post.

– On Sept 17, LeLe gave us her biggest giggle ever. Then on the exact same day, I was reading a magazine on the couch and she was turning circles on her play mat on the floor. Without warning, the water works started. I glanced down and she was magically on her tummy…sha zam! And she was also magically very angry about this. I felt a bit like a distracted parent because I totally missed it, but since then, she has rolled over for me several times.

– Oh goodness do we ever have a talker on our hands! LeLe has really started keying in to speaking. For grandma Zlaten’s birthday at the end of September, a lot of family was in town. She sat at the dinner table for nearly an hour just listening and chirping in a few words of her own once and a while. So she already loves to visit, which is good, because that is pretty much all our family does when we get together. She is also working on raspberries, and she keeps exploring her many dinosaur sounds.  Her other favorite place to chat is the changing mat. I am sure in baby language she is really telling me “ha ha mom… I brewed that poop just for you!”

– Until she turned four months, she liked to take naps in her swing, then something switched… car naps and crib naps are the way to go now! We have one of those stable jumping seat things too, and she doesn’t quite know what to do with it yet besides chew on the seat. I suppose it is her creative expression of playfulness. Or ferocity.

– To kick off month four, we took a mini-vacation to the Western Slope with Matt’s parents. We all piled into the maroon station wagon and headed over the hill. LeLe loved having me and Nana in the back seat. We sang lots of songs and played many games. On day one, we started the morning swimming at the Glenwood hot springs. I am not sure LeLe really knew what to think about the water, but she did start splashing around for the first time. And then it started snowing! LeLe may be the only baby to ever be able to say that she experienced her first swim AND her first snow at the same time. Then on the way from Glenwood to Paonia, she played Peek-A-Boo for the first time! She just laughed and laughed as I kept ducking my head under the car seat and then made a grand entrance above her car seat every 30 seconds. On our last full day on the Western Slope, LeLe attended her first Apple Fest AND her first car show. Whew… what a weekend.

– My child has inside jokes with herself. This past Sunday, she was sitting in her Me-Maw’s lap. As Perrin (our white rescue dog) walked by, she let out a big chuckle. She wouldn’t let the rest of us in on her joke.

– We have finally really hit our stride as a family… and it is wonderful! Yes LeLe, we have always loved you…but now we really fell like the gears are cranking. And Matt… he is finding fatherhood harder than he imagined, but also more rewarding than he ever imagined. He is also the one who can turn almost every one of LeLe’s frowns into giggles. He is always working on new baby comedy routines and she is always cutting loose when he performs them. I love watching this. I love us.