The month of the chatterbox: Elleanna Joy grabs 5 month-old-hood like a spoon-full of YAMMIES!

– Chatterbox 101: Begin with slow slight yells of joy. Begin to stretch those yells out like taffy as you are overloaded with stimulation. Transform those slight yells into shrill cries. Start over again. And also, every time mommy talks, begin to chatter in baby-ese right along with her. And also, continue to make dinosaur noises. And also, talk to yourself as you try to fall asleep. And also, make lots of spit bubbles as you talk. On Halloween, LeLe sat in the bouncer at Nana’s house and chattered the entire afternoon…literally. She skipped her nap even and then cried off and on as we took her trick-or-treating to family houses. Oh well.

– LeLe continues to be our harshest (yet sweetest) comedy critic. One second a joke works, and then the following second, she offers a complementary “Nice try Mommy” or “Ha ha…that was a little bit funny daddy…” smile. This month, LeLe found Daddy’s “Papusie Woosies,” Nana’s “Polka Dots” Me-Maw’s “Goobadee goobadies” and Mommy’s “ma-na-ma-na” songs as quite hilarious.

– This month LeLe became quite an avid baby yoga guru with her infamous sit-in-someone’s-lap-then-suddenly-bend-over-and-eat-her-toes-downward-baby pose. She is getting better at sitting up, and wants to so badly, but often bends over slightly to the side like the leanin’ tower of Pisa.

– LeLe is beginning to find many different elements of the world to be exciting… a take-out bag that she crinkles with her hands and her feet, the iPads she has learned to swipe on her own, mommy’s mugs of water and dad’s cups of coffee.

– Speaking of food, we are definitely witnessing the blossoming of a foodie in our midst. Dr. Amy, our pediatrician, gave LeLe the clearance to start trying food, and she was a pro from her first bite and onward. Now, whenever we take her to a restaurant, she becomes jealous if she can’t eat at the same time as us. So we prop her up in the high chair with tons of coats and offer her yams (or yammies!), her current baby food of choice. She basically attacks the spoon and shows it who is the boss of those yams…every bite, all the time, every day.

– Yep, LeLe has found her thumb to suck on.

– This month marked visits from many people – uncles and aunties and lots of cousins, as well as LeLe’s first trip to the zoo (and her infatuation with the fish tanks therein).

– For two days in a row, her hair decided to behave and take a break from standing up all of the time. We almost cried. We know this day will come eventually. With the introduction of winter hats, though, her hair is back to its old standing up straight as a light pole tricks.

– LeLe explores life with tenacity. We have a jumper for her that is jungle themed… but she is still petite enough that she cannot touch the floor in it yet. So we add on layers of books until she can, and then she lunges for all of the toys, hunting them in the jungle with her ferocious gums.

– BOO! For LeLe’s first Halloween, she dressed up like Princess Leah from Star Wars (see below). Her onesie and hat with buns combo had us all laughing and swooning for cuteness. She partied late into the night, hopping from house to house of grandparents, uncles and aunties. She even knew what to do when we said trick-or-treat…she grabbed a candy and tried to put it in her mouth.

– LeLe took her second trip to a hot springs this past weekend… Mount Princeton in Buena Vista. She loved the water! And she kicked and kicked and kicked…and daddy dunked her… and she was a little miffed about that aspect. But otherwise, she was a trooper. She even stayed up until 9:30 p.m just chatting and talking and in general refusing to go to sleep.