Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’: Four months of wiggly goodness

Oh that little boy is so cute!


Asa Everett Robert discovered rolling this month, especially from his back to his front, but also from his tummy to his back. Also from month three to month four, he gained a lot more control of what his hands do (and subsequently has stopped hitting himself in the face so much). He reaches for objects and achieves his goals at least half of the time. He also continues to want to be held nearly all of the time… and there are enough people around to oblige him in these desires.

Asa continues to fill our home with joy. He laughs when daddy tickles him with his beard. Also, a friend gave us this amazing full-body coverage broncos fleece just in time for football season. Asa sported the outfit at the Farmer’s Market this past weekend, and people couldn’t get enough of his orange-ness and his smile.


Big sister has really gotten into playing more with Asa and entertaining him. Nearly everyday she tells Asa it is his birthday and she brings him pieces of her play food to grab. She also reads to him. And oh how he lights up for her. There’s definitely some hard moments, like when Elleanna wants me to hold her instead of nurse brother, but we are doing our best to teach her how to share and feel loved and accept brother into our family.

This past month has been a hard one for us, as we are still facing job change struggles and upheaval with nearly every area of our lives. I hope to look back on this time with trust in God and hope for the future. Exhausting nights with not very much sleep (as both kids often wake up) can lead to some pretty grumpy days for me, but I also catch glimpses of goodness along the way. Like yesterday, when Elle came home from Sunday school and learned about Moses and the bush that was on-fire and how “God is always with us.” We all needed that simple reminder. And I am attempting to focus on the love and moments of joy my kids bless me with instead of the heartache and mountains we are looking at right now.