Asa’s smiley, roly-poly 5-month anniversary!

We seriously can’t get enough of our smiley boy! This month he has started vocalizing a lot more by talking to his toys and to us. A lot of mornings I wake up to him in his bed singing out baby scales from low to high.

The week before month five brought Asa’s first cold… lots of sneezing snots, sleepless nights and extra nursing later… he finally got better. He really did keep smiling pretty much all the way through though.

Asa loves to wiggle around nearly 24/7… but don’t put him down for very long! He enjoys family trips to the grocery store in his carrier where he can watch and be-bopp around. I’ve also gotten very good at doing nearly everything one-handed style. And Asa has finally figured out how to roll back and forth…sometimes. We often have to swoop in and rescue him. He also squeals for books and loves to tap the pages!

Asa and Elleanna’s friendship continues to develop. When we hear him over the monitor waking up from his naps, Elle will often go up there and talk to him so sweetly (she has started saying “Hi baby!” in a very high pitched voice, just like the rest of us do). She brings him toys and loves to help us give him baths. And he lights up very brightly when sister is around. It reminds me of when Asa was in the womb, and nearly every time Elle would walk by my pregnant belly and say something, he would kick. I hope they continue a great friendship.


After at least a month of staring us down when we eat, we decided to introduce Asa’s first food: avocado! He has taken to eating like a champ, and knew pretty much from bit one what to do (sister was the same way, and I’ve heard from friends with babies that this isn’t always the case). Mema and papa were there for that first bite, just like when Elle took her first bite. I’m so glad our family is around to help with such traditions!

Most of all, Asa Everett Robert, you bring buckets of happiness and joy to our lives. We love how you welcome people into your life, and how you fiercely always want to be with your tribe. Now excuse me while I go shed a few tears and pull out his 6-9 month clothes because he is growing too long for his 3-6 month pjs and pants.



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