Ho Ho Ho: Asa Belly Laughs to Seven Months of Sweetness


Asa Everett Robert is seven. months. old. I can barely believe that time is flying this fast. Asa is rolling around the entire house, always looking for something to chew on and continuing to chat very loudly to his toys. And the best find ever? Magazines. To crumple and spit on and roll on and… oh… then mommy takes it away… every time. I’m sure Asa keeps plotting how he can finally get those magazines all to himself with no one watching, and also take over the world.

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December happenings were stamped out a bit by all four of us trading colds. Oh and all of Asa’s cousins (and his auntie) had colds. But we still managed to get in a lot of family time and holiday cheer. I’ve been off from school and teaching for the past two weeks, so the kids and I have mainly been hanging at home, trying to catch up on housework and playing together. I have to say, I was so nervous about having two kids… but the rhythm we have found and the joy both Elle Bell and Asa bring to me create grace for me in this season of having little kids. Although some nights, when the kids both get up at different staggered times through the night definitely, push the limits of that grace…

A few other December happenings Asa has enjoyed:

  • Smiling as his big sister played Mary in her preschool Christmas play
  • Finally achieving the feat of getting Cherrios into his mouth by his own amazing skills!
  • Unwrapping presents with people, especially the ribbons and bows that are shiny and fun to play with and chew on
  • Laughing when we tickle his tummy
  • Increasing his appetite and getting to try lots of new foods

We spent Christmas day at home, making crafts and pancakes and coffee and watching movies and talking about the Christmas story. Leading up to the day, we celebrated on many occasions with family and friends. We also spent several nights driving around Longmont to find the best Christmas lights that we could. Elleanna’s exuberance for Christmas lights was quite catching. I really am enjoying Christmas with my kids, and sharing the joy of the season with them.


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