Singing Our Hearts Out: Asa Made Us Sing All the Way to 8-Months

We took a short family vacation to the western slope of Colorado to visit family over New Year’s weekend. Maybe it was the hustle and bustle of travel, or maybe it was all of the new faces… but I had a very hard time getting Asa to nurse for the time we were away from home. I was sitting on my best friend Vicki’s bed, trying to get him to nurse once again, and she was helping me trouble shoot. And then, out of desperation, I just started singing. Asa’s eyes locked on mine and I heard him begin to knock back the good stuff.

I shouldn’t be surprised. Anywhere music is, Asa lights up and pays rapt attention. And he often likes someone to rock with him and sing a bit before bed. He loves these little castanet seashell baby music toys we have, and he loves to jump in the jumper to the (pretty annoying) music built into the device.

This month, Asa also became more enamored with the baby in the mirror. He smiles and chats at that baby any time he can catch a glimpse of him, and even gives him kisses. He also loves to drink water from a glass, and he often offers up a chuckle for such moments. As he is rolling around on the floor, any glass-shaped object he finds, he tries to bring to his mouth and drink from it. Also found while rolling around on the floor nearly everyday: lint balls. Where all of these lint balls come from, I have no idea. I think the lint balls know how much he loves them, and they smell him as he rolls into a room, and then jump into his mouth. I have found Asa chewing on lint nearly every day this past week. And watch out for your shoes! Nana put out a pair of crocs (that she had only worn once inside somewhere and then washed for him) to chew on. But no, he bypasses them nearly every time and heads straight for the stinky ooey-gooey shoe offerings scattered around the living room. Sigh.

The first week of January, Asa moved from supported sitting to sitting all on his own. Here he is, surveying his jungle, waiting to make his next move. Asa also loves to chew on the rubber orange giraffe with the perfect ears for munching pictured below. That toy was also one of daddy’s favorites as a baby!


And can we mention big sister? We took the kids to the big camper van show (a.k.a. an RV and camper show) in Denver at the big convention center the first weekend of January. Elleanna and Asa laughed and loved exploring all of the different RVs. As we were walking back to our car, Nana was holding Asa and Elleanna was ahead of us all with Grandpa. A daddy and his daughter (strangers) walked by and Asa got very excited. It took us awhile to figure out that he thought the little girl with Elle; this other little girls was a bit bigger than Elle, but was totally decked out in 50 different shades of pink (just like Elle often is). Asa absolutely adores that big sister. Just last night, we had Asa in the jenny jump up (yes… it is pink… the consequences of having a girl first). He was tap dancing and squealing and spinning and he stayed in there for at least a half hour as Elle brought him toys and talked to him and showed him the world. Asa also loves to sit with the big kids any chance he can get, tucked into his high chair at the kitchen counter while they all sit on stools surrounding him. And just today, Nana was brave enough to take the older boy cousins, Elle AND Asa to the neighborhood park. As she placed him in the double stroller, I heard them all come around him and excitedly say “Asa’s here!” as Asa grinned and grinned.

Asa is laughing in anticipation of tickles and surprises these days, although he isn’t all about the smiles right now. Asa is currently cutting his first two teeth, so we are getting ready to wave farewell to that cute toothless grin.The pictures below were taken as daddy was trying to help Asa smile via burp jokes. It was hard to find a time to take these eight month photos, as Asa has been pretty fussy the past few days. However, I keep telling him that he needs teeth to eat steak someday, so he just needs to hang in there. Meanwhile, we will keep rocking and singing and jumping and dancing and making silly faces to try and help him keep the mind off of those mean teeth!