Asa Everett Robert: Life’s a 9-10 month blur when you’re a family of four

Well, somehow… I haven’t blogged since January! It was hard to even squeeze in Asa’s photoshoots for months 9 and 10 (both were at least a week late). We all want to be there for the photoshoot, and we have to catch him at the right moment where he doesn’t need to eat, go to sleep or have his face wiped. Oh, and that he has very recently had a bath. (Pretty much anytime he has a bath, within 20 minutes he needs a new one). Ah, raising babies. Ah, raising a boy.

February found Asa loving to growl – in happiness, in consternation, and just in general growliness. He wants you to pick him up? His arms extend high over his head and he growls. He also continued this super cute little dance where I sing this silly little made-up ditty that goes “Just a little bit…just a little bit…” over and over again, and he shakes his head and shoulders back and forth and smiles.

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 6.51.17 AM

Over President’s Day weekend and my 30th birthday, Matt hosted a big party for my big 3-0. Asa slept though most of it…but Elle and a whole bunch of other kids ran around the house while my friend Derek of Atlas Catering created a huge feast for everyone and we even played some games (essentially because there were a few babysitters there). It was such a blast and I will remember that party for a long time :). The next day we packed up and headed to Estes Park for a weekend retreat with our Live One Life discipleship group. Elle stayed home to play with her grandparents, and we took the baby on his first solo adventure. We did miss Elle, but it was nice for both of us to connect with just Asa. He did so very well. He took great naps and slept fairly well at night, so I can’t complain.

Asa continues to love music! If he is in the main sanctuary at church (which often happens… he always wants to be carried around…) he will often join in loud syllables and vowels during the closing songs. He also makes a great “ooo ooo ooo” monkey sound. Asa also loves to drum on anything and everything. He is curiously exploring his world with much noise and musical rejoicing. He also continues to increase his acrobatic skills in the Jenny Jump Up by flinging himself across the doorway and into the kitchen area, spinning and laughing and jumping.

But most of all, Asa loves it when we are all there with him. He is most certainly a family man. He and his sister giggle. He leans in to hug her as often as she will allow and Elle will often exclaim “Asa really loves me. I’m Asa’s favorite!” Her little care taking instinct comes out for him all of the time. Just last night she wanted to give Asa his night time bottle. So Matt laid Asa on the floor, and she came over to help Asa drink it while singing him “Twinkle Twinkle little Star.” Elle is ever eager to help with Asa, and even picked out his outfit for his 10-month photo shoot.

Asa is somewhat on the move. He really isn’t too interested in crawling. He will scoot on his bum around in circles and across the room a bit towards something he is interested in. He would far prefer to be carried, or to have us help him walk with our arms with a huge grin on his face. This is a new experience for me; I was ready to have a crawling baby by now! So we will see what develops. He’s still in a good window range of development, and perhaps he will just go straight to walking. We keep trying to encourage him to crawl with tummy time, etc. He has also been known to walk all the way in his walker to the park down the block. Asa also now has four teeth! The upper ones he started cutting (of course) on our spring break vacation to visit family in Battle Ground, WA.

Asa took his first plane ride when we went to Battle Ground, WA! He explored for the first third, cried for the second third, and finally crashed out on my chest for the last third… both there and back again. We had a great time visiting my cousins Kacy and RJ. They were awesome tour guides; we went to Portland for food trucks, to Seaside, OR for a very cold beach day and of course to Multnomah Falls. Elle and Noe, their youngest, hit it off right away. Elle still talks about going back to visit. She wills say “hey, we should take this necklace with us when we go and visit Kacy and RJ” or “I think they would like these cookies” (Elle is my little gift giver).

Ten months finds us keeping up with our big, growing boy. He loves to read books. He loves to eat whatever everyone else is eating (all of the time). We are slowly weaning off of nursing, as he will often refuse me. This has been a little harder than I thought to let go of; we worked so hard to get our nursing relationship! But in a lot of ways I am ready too. I have done some crazy things this semester to keep up my supply; I pump during class discussions and I pump in the car. I even lugged that pump to WA because Asa will only nurse in a quiet room with no disturbances (and even then not every time), and that is nearly impossible to achieve on vacation!

We are ready for summer and sunshine… and we almost have a big boy on our hands. Sigh.

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