Grrrr growl grr…roar! Asa’s a charming little 11 month lion cub… as far as we can tell

Grrr. Roar! Growl growl growl.

Nearly every happening of the day, you can hear Asa talking about his wonder of the event… in growls of course. He is scooting around the house, and zombie crawling a bit, and getting into every little thing he can find (such as the little bite he took out of a spongy kids football just this week). Asa continues to become more expressing. He can sign for milk and for when he is all done with eating. Or sometimes if I leave him in the middle of the living room floor to work on a chore or something, he will will sign “all done!” and reach his hands out for me.

Asa has learned much of our family culture. If I sit him in his chair for breakfast, and he looks in the living room and he sees Elle Joy climbing into grandpa’s lap to split a candy bar (a.k.a. a cliff bar), Asa absolutely insists that he must join them. And Asa, of course, loves his sister more and more. Many times they are together, I hear peals of laughter from both brother and sister, although as Asa is learning to move around more and take more things, their relationship is definitely changing.

For this 11-month shoot from a few weeks ago, we could barely keep Asa’s sticker on. He is so very good at using his fingers, eating, picking things up, and of course tearing. A recent trend is for Asa to not let anyone but Elle place food in his mouth; he must put it in his fingers first and then taste it for himself.

Asa continues to love to sleep. So much so, that he won’t even let us rock him beforehand. He just gets bundled up in his sleep sack, lets us plant kisses on his forehead and cheeks, and then sighs as he falls into bed and sucks on his pointer and second finger, drifting off to dreamland to the sound of his ocean (app).

In one week… my littlest peanut will turn one. I can honestly barely believe how fast this year has flown. One of the mothers I met this year (she is a mother of 9) said in passing that each child has changed her life in a different way. Those words have really stuck with me; I knew I would change a lot when I became a mother with Elleanna, and she has made me such a better me. In turn, Asa has brought out another side of me I didn’t know was there. I’m not quite sure how to explain it all yet, but I do know that our family really needed Asa (especially timing wise… we were going to wait at least another year before having a baby… Matt keeps joking that Asa came really early). So, stay tuned for a report of Asa’s first birthday party as we celebrate yet another milestone achieved.



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